Your vote is your voice!

Advocating for Accountable Government

    Mary Jo will advocate for reforms that ensure that all levels of government is accountable, transparent and limited. She will ensure that your voice is heard in Frankfort and that your interests are advanced.

“Kentucky legislators must not ignore their responsibility in holding themselves and our federal officials accountable! The need for balanced budgets, transparency, and accountability in government is necessary to secure the future of our children. As your state representative, I will work hard to push back on Federal policies that undermine the state's authority to make decisions for their citizens”.

  Defending your civil liberties

    Mary Jo is a fierce advocate for the right to bear arms.  She will defend your right to self-defense in Frankfort and ensure state law complies with the Second Amendment.

    “I believe that the Constitution contains the framework for our great nation. The rights found in the Constitution should be held to the highest standard. If elected, I will be a staunch advocate for your civil liberties. Specifically, I will be a staunch defender of your right to speak freely and bear arms.”

Protecting the Right to Life of the Innocent

     Mary Jo believes in protecting the lives of children in the womb.  She will devote herself to defending the protections that have been established for the unborn in Kentucky.

    “I support the recent heartbeat bill passed in the 2019 legislative session by our Kentucky legislators as I believe we have a moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable and innocent”.

  Substance Abuse/Mental Health Disorders/Criminal Justice


    Mary Jo is ready to address the effects of the opioid crisis and the connections between mental health disorders and substance abuse.  She will work with law enforcement, legislators as well as those affected to bring an end to this epidemic.

    “The lack of response to the cause and effect of substance abuse and mental health issues within our communities is a real threat to our society. The long waiting periods and lack of affordable treatment facilities to help those seeking sobriety add to an ever-growing problem.  These are just a few of the issues that I believe require a much-needed solution, and it will take someone like myself with real experience in navigating these to find the answers.”

Encouraging Economic Development


    Mary Jo will work with citizens, business leaders, and other key stakeholders to encourage economic development within our communities.

    “It is the responsibility of our state legislators to create opportunistic pathways in conjunction with local business leaders to ensure continued growth in our economic development and infrastructure policies. Advancements in these areas provides for small business growth and a well-established and balanced community for all citizens.”

Strengthening our Education System


    Mary Jo will work with educators in implementing a broader approach to youth educational platforms where educators could have a more substantial impact on the development of a better workforce. An innovative platform would empower all types of students, those that wish to enter the workforce directly and those wishing to continue onto higher education programs.

    “I believe we must ensure that students from every neighborhood within the district should be given the chance to succeed by being provided a great education. I firmly support our schools and want to work with parents, teachers, and students to see achievement in education.”I